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all photos : colin sussingham - instagram: sundays_zine -

toddmidler asked: how did you like pratt? Im going there this fall

Pratt’s cool. very unorganized administration. But overall I really liked it there. Prepare yourself for a lot of work.

discoteque1995 asked: how did you get to living in NYC? School? Work?

I grew up in Long Island and loved the city went to school at Pratt about 7 years ago for graphic design and lived in Brooklyn ever since.

stukirst asked: sup yo

Hey stu nm u? A/s/l?

nahgammin asked: top 3 favourite skaters and why

Keith Denley, Aaron Brown and Genesis Evans.

thumpinrunts asked: where are you going?

No where. Getting paid to sit in this van.

Ask/tell me stuff.

Sitting in 15 passenger van for next 8 hours.

169 portraits

169 portraits

sorry, i need this.

sorry, i need this.